Appreciation for art abounds!

Appreciation for art abounds!

Spencer’s vibrant  “Artists And Entrepreneurs In Residence” enhance our community living.  Their stories will help you find tremendous insight into families that’ve changed America’s history and appearance for almost 300 years. The same town that clothed a nation’s army once before has never lost its appreciation for great knits and talent.

Take a moment to review Spencer’s entrepreneurial talent and innovative lives. You’ll enjoy their stories and see how they share their passion.

You’ll find everyone shares in the desire to enhance and strengthen Spencer’s creative economy. Join us. If you have an event, pictures or video you’d like to share, send it along to us in an email.


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Massasoit Art Guild

Massasoit Art Guild

The Massasoit Art Guild  offers tremendous support for novice and professional studio artists throughout the area. Each month, artists display their work throughout the community for everyone to enjoy. Visitors find artwork displays at the Richard Sugden Library, Spencer Bank, and Cormier Jewelers.  Spencer has a history of producing world class artists even though most started from humble beginning.

Today, our good fortune is found by having the Massasoit Art Guild bring together a vibrant community of artists at an annual Fall show in Spencer’s Memorial Town Hall. The event offers an impressive variety of artwork. Be sure to add it to your calendar.

Spencer is known for innovation found in our famous artists. The following are just a few.

Joseph H. Greenwood, 1857-1927, (shown seated), painted with chicken feathers he gathered because he could not afford paint brushes. However, his talent reached such heights that today he is considered one of America’s great artists. Greenwood’s work is on display in museums around the world. Many of the paintings depict Spencer’s landscape like those shown on this page.

Nathan Augustus Cobb, 1859-1932, was another of Spencer’s self-educated, self-taught artists. Cobb was just a boy when he took money he had saved that was the equivalence of a years wages and purchased a microscope. Through it, he viewed and sketched natural history. Cobb’s sketches depicting over 1000 different nematode observations, became the foundation for nematode taxonomy,(a variety of thread-like worms). Today, Cobb is recognized on the United States Department Of Agriculture’s website as “the father of Nematology.” A very impressive feat, especially, when one considers the fact that he was a self-educated native son, chronicling what was unknown at the time, into what would become an entirely new scientific discipline. And, it started in Spencer, Mass and became known around the world.

J. Chauncey Lyford, 1853-1879,was another artist, photographer and natural history credited with numerous books and illustrations ranging from natural history to geography. Lyford painted landscapes and created wildlife displays with over 60 species he preserved to educate city school students and general public alike. He took numerous photographs around Spencer and Worcester with a new technology; photographic equipment, when photography was just emerging.

These artists were inspired to show appreciation of Spencer’s natural surroundings. Come and see Spencer to find what will inspire you.