Spencer’s business community has been renowned for generations as innovators. Two businesses like Klems and Flexcon are great examples. They constantly push established boundaries as change agents for new ideas showing valuable return on investments.

You’ll find well established and new start-ups alike listed on this site. Many of our businesses have carried over through multi-generations along with their trusted staff that know how to make transactions that focus on you.
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Ever wondered what became of 2 innovative men who started a business in 1956 in a garage?  Their first production equipment was made with parts from dismantled washing machines. They ended up creating a multi-million dollar company in one lifetime without venture capital or bank loans. With characteristic humility, Mr. McDonough once summed up his management style as “I hire people smarter than myself and let them excel.”

He became a leader in the adhesives and coatings industry, and an honored philanthropist that was a passionate supporter of a number of charities. Watch the video below to see what the company has become. You’ll recognize it’s product and their impact all around you. By the way, in 2013, they received Whitlan Label Company’s ” Supplier of the Year Award”, which is based on evaluation of performance metrics, technology advancements, and feedback from team members as it relates to overall satisfaction.  What could your firm do with a local workforce that is eager to grow a new firm locally? Give us a call or contact us.