Spencer’s restaurants have a reputation as havens for food enthusiasts searching for good food. Today, “foodies” of all ages love the selection of family run and specialty restaurants comprising one of Spencer’s largest business sectors.

There are six growing food trends sweeping the nation. However, since we’re a town with a lot of culinary enthusiasts, Spencer has addressed most all trends for quite some time.  Whether its Greek yogurt and cuisine, gluten free, energy bars, organic foods, artisan foods, or the local food movement, our eateries have applied their skills to addressing numerous trends and gone far beyond in many instances.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that one of Spencer’s longest running cable TV shows involves cooking and specialty desert techniques. When you combine that with our local cooking school, where nationally recognized guest chefs are sprinkled in from various cable and online food shows, it becomes a recipe for folks to become knowledgeable food critics. Everyone has benefitted by the combined passion for epicurean excellence. Our food establishments learn early on that they’d better provide great food or they’ll be out of business. Mediocre eateries do not last.  Social media reviews and Google “likes” make or break an eatery’s reputation faster than any diva’s posting could ever compete with. Spencer’s eateries rise to the challenge by constantly innovating with food recipes. Our proximity to local farms and various growers ensures a freshness that is second to none. Here are a few suggestions, listed in alphabetical order whenever you want great food and service. Here are a few places to enjoy.