Spencer ‘s trails offer a diversity of walking and riding options whether on bike, foot, hoof, ski snowshoe or sled.

The Mid-state trail traverses the entire length of the town.

A hike on the Midstate will connect with Oakham State Forest near  Sampson’s Pebble in the north to two of the three parcels that comprise Spencer State Forest’s 3 land parcels. The Midstate follows along open fileds and lands sometimes along roadways to  the Four Chimneys Wildlife Management Area in the southern regions of Spencer.

For relaxed walking the Depot Trail offers a great First Day hike with all family members. For a short stop and viewing area, look at the Howe Park Parcel of Spencer State Forest. You’ll find the Howe homestead along with a great view to spot local wildlife. You’ll see where J. Chauncy Lyford,(Mrs Howe’s grandson “Link”), set about collecting specimen of birds and animals for his personal taxidermy collection, much the same as was the custom with boys like Theodore Roosevelt at the time. J. Chaunccy’s case, the sacrifice paid off since he went on to teach the natural sciences in Worcester schools where he was teacher and later the principal of 3 schools. He wrote and lectured about the wonders of wildlife and was one of the earliest users of a new technology called “cyanotypes”, which where leading cutting edge imaging technology at the time. Imagine how your images will be viewed in another 100 years. Have a look.

See if you can find the areas he shot images of. Look carefully, you’ll still find them along Depot Trail and nearby.

Send us your best images and we’ll see if we can get them posted on these pages. Use this page!