Flint Family Friendly Ghost

Creative Halloween Decorating Builds Spencer Family’s Fun

A quick drive down Cherry Street has been turning a few heads thanks to the creativity of a local family helping area children celebrate a good natured, “…kooky, mysterious and spooky” Halloween, as the popular seasonal song goes.

Dave Flint, his son’s Brian and Dan, and granddaughter Hailey were staying sharp, like they do each year, as they look for new Halloween decorating ideas and set out a display.

Ask Mr. Flint about his handiwork and as he starts to explain, you’ll see the twinkle in his eye for the fun he likes to share. When prompted for a response of why he does the display, he explained; “As a kid I wanted to decorate but couldn’t the way I wanted to.”

Dave Flint of Spencer in front of his Halloween display, 2015.

Dave Flint of Spencer in front of his Halloween display.

When asked how it all got started Mr. Flint smiled and said; “Our neighbors used to dress up in costumes and hand out candy for the kids. When they moved we just picked up from there and started to decorate a little.”

Decorate they do. The yard has become a popular attraction for trick or treats.

Halloween 2015 Dave Flint Family Yard

Flint family has fun decorating for Halloween.

The original ghost is the one with the chain.” Dave points out.

Spencer's ghost in chains Halloween 2015

“If there’s something strange….in your neighborhood….Ow, who you gonna call?”
(Lyrics from Ghostbusters theme song.)

Halloween 2015 Grim Reaper Decoration

Grim Reaper greets visitors in family Halloween display. Would you say hello?

Ghostly appearance in Spencer spooks visitors.

Recycled material makes spooky Halloween ghosts!

“Everything here is homemade and created from recycled stuff.”

Brian and Dan Flint

Brian and Dan Flint work with their Dad to set up 2015’s Halloween decorations.


“Duct tape, fishing line, Salvation Army outfits, old gloves, recycled fence, a barrel, old scraps of wood.” Both Brian and Dan are quick to point out various recycled items. The Flint family is proof of how any number of great displays can be made with just a little imagination and three generations of a family having some fun they like to share.

“This year we added Charlie in the Barrel” said Dave. “We were doing some work and thought the barrel could be reused along with a shirt and old gloves.”

Charlie in the Barrel

“We’re gonna pay a call on…the Addams family!

Looking around visitors see the Grim Reaper, an assortment of ghosts, a coffin, spider webs, tombstones, and a few other surprises.

There’s no shortage of creativity on display.

Here lies Mr. Blake!

Here lies Mr. Blake!

The team effort is evident and goes a long way as everyone quickly points out how fences, along with a barrel and painted scrap lumber used for headstones, were recycled.

There is a friendly ghost …ready to greet young visitors.


“We see the minivans pull up and we’ll hand out 350-400 pieces of candy in an hour while we play the theme from Ghostbusters or the Addams Family. Everybody dresses up and has a good time.”

Dad and son with open coffin.

Who you gonna call…..


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