Beautiful and serene Miller's River watershed kayakers.

Happy to Talk About the Blues

Happy To Talk About The Blues

Keith Davies is happy to talk about the blues found in blue trails. Davies, Coordinator of the C4R Watershed Association, is mapping out plans to make new opportunities for Chicopee Watershed enthusiasts to find “Blue Trails”.

Beautiful and serene Miller's River watershed kayakers.

Blue trails are water trails that are akin to marked forest trails with the exception that they are aquatic and used by canoe and kayak paddlers to navigate rivers and lakes in any given watershed. Think back to the Native Americans and their “mishoons”.

Mr. Davies has helped build a series of popular blue trails in the Millers River between Athol and Orange recently.

Now, he and his volunteers who are developing a new C4R agenda for the four rivers watershed are outlining what they’ve already accomplished and they’d like to invite everyone to review the results.SeeSpencer Lifestyle Travel Regional Local Watershed 2015December16 Happy to Talk About the Blues Massachusetts Watershed Map

Most people think of the Chicopee River along with the city when they hear the name of the watershed, and just about anyone you talk with is surprised to learn that the Chicopee River basin is the largest watershed in the state and stretches from it’s northern area at Mount Wachusett in Princeton,  south to the southern sections of Leicester, Charlton, Spencer, Sturbridge, the Brookfields, Brimfield, Monson and westward to Ludlow Springfield and the town of Chicopee with it’s Connecticut River confluence.

The 4 major rivers, Chicopee, Swift, Quaboag, and Ware lie within the basin. This fact is a large reason why the group modified their previous name to be more appropriately labeled as the Chicopee 4 Rivers Watershed Council, (C4RWC), or C4R for a short memorable brand.

Map of the Chicopee watershed’s four rivers region where Quaboag, Swift, Chicopee and Ware drain 720 miles of Massachusetts largest watershed.As people come to the event they are pleasantly surprised to learn of all the activity being done at the waters edge and along the proposed areas being reviewed for trails.

C4R teams are looking for input from everyone to help build aquatic recreation

The Watershed Summit is free and open to the public.

Chicopee’s 4 Rivers Watershed Association, (a.k.a C4R) will present accomplishments from this year as well as what plans are in store for the next couple of years.

The Chicopee Basin has 4 rivers; Chicopee, Quaboag, Swift and Ware

C4R’s team of enthusiasts invite folks from Barre, Brookfields, Chicopee, Hardwick, and Ware to come to their Watershed Summit on Sunday November 22nd, from 1:00 PM on.

Doors open at 12:30 at the Palmer Historical Cultural Center 2072 Main St, Three Rivers, MA

Volunteers plan activities to improve access, paddling events and water quality monitoring in Chicopee watershed.

“We have a good crew so far from Palmer, Ludlow, Wilbraham” Mr. Davies said motioning with his hand on the watershed map and continued, “This event will highlight progress and plans of the new council. It’s an opportunity to have broader participation by residents of the entire four rivers region.”

Volunteers discuss details about the Chicopee River Basin as they plan out activities to improve access, paddling events and water quality monitoring throughout the entire Chicopee Watershed.

Mr Davies reviewed his activities and draft of 2016 events as he continued;

“Our activities in this year inaugurated a bacteria sampling program on the Chicopee and Quaboag River, we drafted a Blue Trail Map Guide for the upper Quaboag, we’ve been granted resources for sampling gear to use next season, we’re creating a stream inventory to plan 2016 monitoring work, we helped coordinate 3 river clean up events and held 2 fun-filled paddling events. We hope to plan more Blue Trails in 2016!”


The group can be reached at Contact: chicopeewatershed@gmail.comSeeSpencer Lifestyle Travel Regional Local Watershed 2015December16 Happy to Talk About the Blues 4 Rivers Watershed Council Summit Flyer.pdf

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