Most any New England town is symbolized as a town with a covered bridge in a picture. What is seldom realized is the fact that Spencer’s William Howe created the Howe Truss design. Today these bridges still are regarded as historic marvels and have been reconditioned because of their value to the communities they serve.

Town of Hoosick New York’s Buskirk Bridge is a Howe Truss Built in 1857, this Howe Truss spans 152 feet over the Hoosick River of the bridge’s 160 foot length.Here are some great examples to consider. Many are on the National Register of Historic Places.
Ask any design engineer today and most will be hard pressed to show how many items designed over 150 years ago are still relevant today.

William Howe’s design of the Howe Truss bridge is a great example of timeless design most modern civil engineers still study.

Jay Bridge, built in 1851, spans 175 feet over the Ausable River in Jay New York